This is a reproductive dispatch infection that is brought by viruses of two types. These are HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses. The HSV- 2 is the one that frequently cause the genital herpes. They may occur as sores or blisters on the genitals. Genitals herpes can be concordat when you have intercose with infectious partner, sometimes the sores and blisters become invisible.

HSV-one is oral herpes that causes sores inside or around the mouth. This can be an association with sores while kissing. It is also contracted when your husband have oral herpes. Many cases of this disease are commonly transmitted through kissing.

Herpes affects everybody it does not select who to affect or not hence it does affect your pregnancy and baby.

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Signs and symptoms

The affected people mostly have no signs of the virus but if it exists they are so mild that nobody notices. On early days of hypothermia, red swelling may appear on the vagina.

Itchiness is another sign which makes someone very uncomfortable especially when you are in the public.

Another symptom is burning in the genital area. You may feel your genital area becoming very hot then it creates an itchy feeling.

Pain is also another one that mainly occurs during urinating. You just feel pain like you cannot take it anymore. This pain can be persistent that you may not be able to move or stand straight.

More over others may feel some throb sensation in the genital area which develops and become itchy, it makes you feel like touching the genital area which later own becomes itchy and swollen.

In addition, you can experience inflated lymph nodes making it harder for you to close up you legs together while walking or sitting. This makes it very uncomfortable because it may lead to abdominal pain muscles.

Sometimes you can experience a hot like vaginal discharge that has unpleasant smell. This discharge makes someone very worried due to its smell; it can make you lose hope of having friends leading to fear.

If you were initially infected by herpes you can experience symptoms like fever, flu symptoms, muscle ache and headache pain. A few number of pregnant women acquire sickness once they are infected for the opening time, all you need to do is seek an antiviral treatment. But herpes can occur recurrently and if this persists you should avoid getting in contact with the infected person.

Effects of herpes on pregnancy and the baby

Many pregnant women do question if herpes can affect their pregnancy and the newborn, the answer is yes it does. This infection affects the baby throughout labor period and carriage. If the infection affects the baby it's unfortunate that the baby will have serious problems in their life. If you achieve being infected by the herpes throughout your earliest trimester of pregnancy then the virus can go across the placenta which can cause miscarriage and even serious birth issues. It can also affect the baby after birth with more severe complications. You can visit your doctor for diagnosis and guidance to be given the antiviral medication so that once it has been administered in your body the baby can get the antibodies through the placenta and it will help fight against it, this means the baby will be safe. All this can only be avoided by taking precautions and best medical care, by this you will minimize the risk of your baby being infected. It is more advisable to inform the doctor if you and your partner have herpes to be given great medical assistance.

Effects of herpes on the baby

When a baby is affected by herpes then you can only know through the following ways:

  • The central nervous system (CNS) disease.

    The central nervous system disease affects almost a third of the new born babies. It attacks the baby during two to three weeks of development and may also appear any moment, six weeks after birth. You can know the baby has been infected by the central nervous system disease if they have symptoms like fever, irritability, poor feeding and herpes sore at some point during that period. During the baby's growth you can even realize some of the changes like difficulty in standing and some pain that makes the baby cry once twisted, it is also a very big challenge and a pain for a baby to handle. The central nervous system can kill the baby once it has been ignored. You should take note of such diseases and signs.

  • Skin, eye with mouth infection (SEM).

    This is the most serious infection that affects most babies who have been infected by herpes. You can experience sores during delivery or six weeks after on the baby specified parts of the body then this is a SEM infection. Even if the sore don't show it will show up when the baby is one to two weeks old. The sores normally resemble blisters and may occur anywhere on the body. The only advantage is that when the herpes is minimized to skin eye and mouth, then you should find the acyclovir medication. Once ignored it will cause major problems. If the mouth is affected the baby will definitely suffer during feeding and there immune system will go down. Same to the eyes it will be very difficult for the baby to open the eyes because of this burning effect and pain experienced on the sores and blisters.

  • Disseminated herpes

    It is a complicated disease that may involve several body organs but majorly the lungs along with liver are the most affected. Same as the CNS and SEM they occurs immediate week after delivery but in this, sores do not appear. It affects serious body organs, this makes it a killer disease, the chance of the baby surviving is very little and those babies that do survive have serious health problems during growth.

The baby's body has very weak immune unless the baby receives the antibodies from the mother then the baby is very safe from being affected. Once you suspect these types of signs call the doctor or visit them immediately.

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Is cesarean delivery needed once affected by herpes?

This will depend by your immune system. If you are affected by herpes before third trimester prior to your pregnancy then you will be able to try vaginal delivery. All you need is to make sure the water doesn't pour all the affected area will spread the infection. The doctor will be there to search for signs of outbreak. By this your baby is at a minimal risk of contracting herpes. This is because after the exposure, you will start to create antibodies of herpes virus that the baby gets it across the placenta. After twelve weeks time it will supply the baby with protection but you can also need caesarian delivery when showing signs during labor period. This signs include sore on the cervix area, vagina, ignited or pain. In order to increase your chances of having vaginal delivery, it is advisable that expectant women who have genitals signs should be given oral interferon medication after thirty six weeks of pregnancy to minimize the chances of herpes out break during pregnancy.

After delivery

The baby can still be infected after birth too can be more dangerous. This can also be prevented by maintaining cleanliness, ensuring people rinse their hands prior to touching the baby, if it is you personally that have been infected, cover the infected area not to get in touch with your baby's body, you can cover it with a cloth as long as the blisters fluid doesn't pass through it, also always rinse your hands, this is very important and most women do forget it, but once you know you state you obviously will touch your sores or blisters which is a virus this virus remains on your hands and once you get in touch with the baby then it is transmitted, also do not cut your baby's nails using your teeth, some people do forget while playing with the baby you end up biting their nails using the teeth and that is how it is transmitted and as it can also affect the baby from hand to mouth.

Breastfeeding the baby

You can breastfeed your baby comfortably without any worries make sure you do not have sore or blisters near or around your breast. If one of your breasts is affected then the baby can feed from the other, all you need is to maintain pure cleanliness and also before breastfeeding, clean the nipples for the baby every time before feeding him or her. It is important to clean each time as the breast will might have gotten in contact while you were working or bending. Being clean will save the baby so much.

How to tell you or your partner is infected

Sores or a blister is the main symptom on the genital area, buttocks, lower abdomen, back and thighs. You should see the physician if you see such signs. You should take blood test search to compare allying HSV-1 with HSV-two antibodies in your body, but this test will not tell the doctor exact period the infection began. If the test is a positive result pro HSV-two antibodies then this means you have never been affected by herpes. If HSV-1 is positive it means you have either genital herpes or oral. If your result is negative then the result will show if you are at any risk if being infected. Once you realize that you partner is infected in any form oral or viral you should take precautions as listed at prevention stage. It is all you should consider and make to sure to avoid sexual intercose when the sores and blisters are out.

Herpes treatment

Herpes do not have any cure; once it is in your nerve then you won't be able to do anything. The only treatment available is antiviral medication that can assist to prevent outbreaks. You might have symptoms reappearing itself every time and then if such signs occur your body needs the antiviral.


If your partner has been infected and has not yet infected you for years then it is wiser to take precautions at your pregnancy stage. You should keep away from skin by skin contact close to your partner's genitals. Use condoms during intercourse. After your third trimester, it is the most critical stage, keep away from intercourse with other private parts contact, and also avoid oral sex during the third term if your fiance had recently oral herpes. Do not have sex with a fiance who have sores or some signs of herpes. It is influential to have a long term fiance who has sex only with you. You should also note that, pills, implants, shots and diaphragms cannot prevent you from STI'S and herpes itself.


We conclude that herpes is one of the serious diseases that people are not keen with it. Once you suspect any sign of herpes infection you should not ignore it, please visit a doctor to know what they can do to help you. From the topic herpes does not select whom it affects it does not know you are pregnant or this is a baby. We should take care of our health always get tested to have a brighter future.

Herpes does not have a cure all we can do is preventing it from spreading through the antiviral vaccines, we should not avoid those infected for once they are still humans and needs support. For couples be faithful to each other it's the only thing that will keep you moving as STI'S are real.